Mr Squishy as a Cowboy Moo Turnaround Strange Life in a Jungle Setting A Journey Begins Sumo Rhino—Comissioned Piece Forced Perspective Man Looking Down at Observer Zombies—Simultaneously the Most Terrifying and Ridiculous Monster Concept Mr Squishy Something Glowing in Hand A Teddy Bear and a Rubber Ducky, Best Friends on an Adventure The Zombie Shuffle—New Dance Craze Leaving the Call Center Grind A Lone Adventurer in the Wilderness The plan is to Drop Cow Decoys, Much Like the Trojan Horse Pocahontas, Squish, and Moo Drawn Chibi Style Alien Running Through Daisies Treasure Map in Hand The Typical Cartoon French Artist Small Water Turtle Swimming A Rhino Head Sketch, Prepwork for the Sumo Rhino This Guy Ended up Looking Like a Hobbit to Me I Like This One, Even Though the Guy on the Right Has an Impossibly Long Neck Cast of the New Star Trek, Scotty is the Only one I didn't Quite Get Right


Graphite on Cold Press Illustration Board Comic Book Page Acrylic and Ink on Papyrus Inkwash Under Pen and Ink Transferred to Celuloid Comic Book Splash Page Character for Book Tiger King in Colored Pencil

3D Models

Castle From 'The Balloon Catcher'—Untextured Zeppelin from 'The Balloon Catcher'—Untextured This is the Set of an Animated TV Series, the plan was to 'Film' it like a Sitcom, So the set was built like a Sitcom Soundstage General Store from 'Everybody's Barn' Peggy's House from 'Everybody's Barn' Feed Store from 'Everybody's Barn' Baseball Field from 'Everybody's Barn' Long Shot Baseball Field from 'Everybody's Barn' Close Shot Well Known Building (by local residents)in the Salt Lake Valley Proposed Theater Upgrade for Inside the Aforementioned Well Known Building in the Salt Lake Valley Snowman Made of d20's just for Fun Proposed Canopies For Salt Lake City Central, Frontrunner Station Proposed Station For Provo City, Frontrunner Station—Used by the Land Planner/Urban Designer as an aide in creating Proposal Illustration Proposed Bus Rapid Transit Station on the Provo BRT Line—Used by the Land Planner/Urban Designer as an aide in creating Proposal Illustration One of Many Concept Renderings (Pictured Concept is the one that was Built) Used to Decide What Matterials/Paint Scheme to Use for Vendor Pavilion at Salt Lake City Central, Frontrunner Station

Graphic Design

Posters and Business Card Done For Emily McLean, Independent Paparazzi Consultant

Paparazzi Business Card Front

Covers I created for Official Internal Documents at Utah Transit Authority

Paparazzi Business Card Front

Brochures, Post Card, and Water Bottle Label Created for the Transit Oriented Design Conference

Paparazzi Business Card Front

Stickers For Hard Hats, For Construction Workers
To Indicate What Parts of the Transit 2015 Project On Which They Worked
I Integrated the Logos of the Respective City/Location of the Transit Line

Paparazzi Business Card Front

Conference Room Signage Created for the Open House of a New Building (Displayed 6 of 16)

Paparazzi Business Card Front


Animation I Did for Kids Know It Network

Vizion Studios Animated Logo

Title Animation Test Render for The Balloon Catcher

I co-directed an animated short Titled: "The Alien What Like to Have Fun 'n' Stuph"
This Animated Short Won First Place at the Utah Multimedia Arts Festival.
These are the Scenes I Animated.

Pencil Test—Cloth and Effects

My Portions of the 211 Public Service Announcement: Hero Man

Fish Animation—More Frames for More Subtlety

Landslide Animation

Toy Walk Cycle: Stikfas Toy—An Oldie

My Bouncing Ball Video—An Oldie