Mr Squishy as a Cowboy Moo Turnaround Strange Life in a Jungle Setting A Journey Begins Sumo Rhino—Comissioned Piece Forced Perspective Man Looking Down at Observer Zombies—Simultaneously the Most Terrifying and Ridiculous Monster Concept Mr Squishy Something Glowing in Hand A Teddy Bear and a Rubber Ducky, Best Friends on an Adventure The Zombie Shuffle—New Dance Craze Leaving the Call Center Grind A Lone Adventurer in the Wilderness The plan is to Drop Cow Decoys, Much Like the Trojan Horse Pocahontas, Squish, and Moo Drawn Chibi Style Alien Running Through Daisies Treasure Map in Hand The Typical Cartoon French Artist Small Water Turtle Swimming A Rhino Head Sketch, Prepwork for the Sumo Rhino This Guy Ended up Looking Like a Hobbit to Me I Like This One, Even Though the Guy on the Right Has an Impossibly Long Neck Cast of the New Star Trek, Scotty is the Only one I didn't Quite Get Right